Friday, August 6, 2010

Names S - Y

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Here are the names (S - Y) mentioned in the book.

Savard, Paul (Paul Savard)
Sawyer, Ivan (Ivan Sawyer)
Schultz, Dr. (Dr. Schultz - from the State Farm)
Sewell, Sumner (Sumner Sewell - Governor of Maine)
Shapiro, Aaron (Aaron Shapiro)
Sharp, Lawrence (Lawrence Sharp)
Shea, Gerald (Gerald Shea)
Shepard, Mrs. (Mrs. Shepard - nurse; married Charles Boyce)
Sleeper, Charles (Charles Sleeper)
Sloat, Abe (Abe Sloat)
Sloat, Charles (Charles Sloat)
Sloat, Matilda (Matilda Sloat)
Sloat, Olive (Olive Sloat)
Smargonsky, Mose (Mose Smargonsky)
Smith, Alanda (Alanda Smith)
Smith, Frank (Frank Smith)
Smith, Fred (Fred Smith)
Smith, George (George Smith)
Smith, Guilford (Guilford Smith)
Smith, Mr. (Mr. Smith - law student)
Smith, Payson (Maine State Superintendent of Public Schools)
Somerville, Dr. Robert (Dr. Robert Somerville)
Soule, Francis A. (Francis A. Soule)
Stetson, Hazen (Hazen Stetson)
Stevens, Ruel (Ruel Stevens)
Stone, Leon (Leon Stone)
Stuart, Charles (Charles Stuart)
Swanback, John (John Swanback)
Tarr, Arthur (Arthur Tarr)
Taylor, Mr. (Mr. Taylor - proprietor of Taylor Livery Stable)
Theriault, Joe (Joe Theriault)
Thornton, S. S. (S. S. Thornton, jAshland Attorney)
Tompkins, Harvey A. (Harvey A. Tompkins)
Tompkins, Nathaniel (Nathaniel Tompkins - Speaker of the House - Maine)
Towne, Mr. (Mr. Towne - principal of Ashland High School)
Trafton, Alf (Alf Trafton)
Turner, E. M. (E. M. Turner - President of the Mapleton Local)
Turner, Hazel (Hazel Turner)
Turner, Will (Will Turner)
Twist, Dummy (Dummy Twist, Dummy Cullen)
Twist, Mrs. (Mrs. Twist)
Umphrey, Harry (Harry Umphrey)
Vinal, Mr. (Mr. Vinal)
Waddell, Mr. (Mr. Waddell - School Supervisor)
Waddell, Sarah (Sarah Waddell)
Waldron, Mr. (Mr. Waldron - Ashland lawyer)
Walker, Abbie (Abbie Walker, Abbie Wilcox Walker)
Walker, Arthur (Arthur Walker)
Walker, Avis (Avis Walker)
Walker, Hazen (Hazen Walker)
Warman, Fred (Fred Warman)
Watt, Archie (Archie Watt)
Watt, Jesse (Jesse Watt)
Webber, Mr. (Mr. Webber - Superintendent of Schools)
Webster, Frank (Frank Webster)
Wells, Estella (Estella Wells)
Wells, Jack (Jack Wells)
Welts, Josephine (Josephine Welts Ellis)
Wessenger, Mr. (Mr. Wessenger)
Westerman, Hedge (Hedge Westerman)
Wheeler, Mrs. (Mrs. Wheeler - Elmer Howard's sister)
White, Frank (Frank White)
White, Miss (Miss White - Hazen Stetson's secretary)
Wieden, Dr. Clifford O. T. (Dr. Clifford O. T. Wieden)
Wilcox, Don (Don Wilcox)
Wilcox, Eucebia Gilman (Eucebia Gilman Wilcox)
Wilcox, Guy (Guy Wilcox)
Wilcox, Lonny (Lonny Wilcox)
Wilcox, Steve (Steve Wilcox)
Wildes, Mr. & Mrs. (Mr. & Mrs. Wildes)
Williamson, Samuel (Samuel Williamson)
Winslow, Orin (Orin Winslow)
Wood, Harold (Harold Wood)
Wood, Louise (Louise Wood)
Wood, Mrs. (Mrs. Wood)
Wood, Rob (Rob Wood)
Woodman, Ernest (Ernest Woodman)
York, Acil (Acil York)
York, Ike (Ike York)
York, Lewis (Lewis York)
York, Louise (Louise York)
York, Mrs. Ike (Mrs. Ike York)

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