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WAGM TV 8 Story about "Call Me Phin"

Phineas Ellis' daughter, Elaine, was interviewed on WAGM TV 8 about the book "Call Me Phin." Click on the link below to watch her interview.

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Names S - Y

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Here are the names (S - Y) mentioned in the book.

Savard, Paul (Paul Savard)
Sawyer, Ivan (Ivan Sawyer)
Schultz, Dr. (Dr. Schultz - from the State Farm)
Sewell, Sumner (Sumner Sewell - Governor of Maine)
Shapiro, Aaron (Aaron Shapiro)
Sharp, Lawrence (Lawrence Sharp)
Shea, Gerald (Gerald Shea)
Shepard, Mrs. (Mrs. Shepard - nurse; married Charles Boyce)
Sleeper, Charles (Charles Sleeper)
Sloat, Abe (Abe Sloat)
Sloat, Charles (Charles Sloat)
Sloat, Matilda (Matilda Sloat)
Sloat, Olive (Olive Sloat)
Smargonsky, Mose (Mose Smargonsky)
Smith, Alanda (Alanda Smith)
Smith, Frank (Frank Smith)
Smith, Fred (Fred Smith)
Smith, George (George Smith)
Smith, Guilford (Guilford Smith)
Smith, Mr. (Mr. Smith - law student)
Smith, Payson (Maine State Superintendent of Public Schools)
Somerville, Dr. Robert (Dr. Robert Somerville)
Soule, Francis A. (Francis A. Soule)
Stetson, Hazen (Hazen Stetson)
Stevens, Ruel (Ruel Stevens)
Stone, Leon (Leon Stone)
Stuart, Charles (Charles Stuart)
Swanback, John (John Swanback)
Tarr, Arthur (Arthur Tarr)
Taylor, Mr. (Mr. Taylor - proprietor of Taylor Livery Stable)
Theriault, Joe (Joe Theriault)
Thornton, S. S. (S. S. Thornton, jAshland Attorney)
Tompkins, Harvey A. (Harvey A. Tompkins)
Tompkins, Nathaniel (Nathaniel Tompkins - Speaker of the House - Maine)
Towne, Mr. (Mr. Towne - principal of Ashland High School)
Trafton, Alf (Alf Trafton)
Turner, E. M. (E. M. Turner - President of the Mapleton Local)
Turner, Hazel (Hazel Turner)
Turner, Will (Will Turner)
Twist, Dummy (Dummy Twist, Dummy Cullen)
Twist, Mrs. (Mrs. Twist)
Umphrey, Harry (Harry Umphrey)
Vinal, Mr. (Mr. Vinal)
Waddell, Mr. (Mr. Waddell - School Supervisor)
Waddell, Sarah (Sarah Waddell)
Waldron, Mr. (Mr. Waldron - Ashland lawyer)
Walker, Abbie (Abbie Walker, Abbie Wilcox Walker)
Walker, Arthur (Arthur Walker)
Walker, Avis (Avis Walker)
Walker, Hazen (Hazen Walker)
Warman, Fred (Fred Warman)
Watt, Archie (Archie Watt)
Watt, Jesse (Jesse Watt)
Webber, Mr. (Mr. Webber - Superintendent of Schools)
Webster, Frank (Frank Webster)
Wells, Estella (Estella Wells)
Wells, Jack (Jack Wells)
Welts, Josephine (Josephine Welts Ellis)
Wessenger, Mr. (Mr. Wessenger)
Westerman, Hedge (Hedge Westerman)
Wheeler, Mrs. (Mrs. Wheeler - Elmer Howard's sister)
White, Frank (Frank White)
White, Miss (Miss White - Hazen Stetson's secretary)
Wieden, Dr. Clifford O. T. (Dr. Clifford O. T. Wieden)
Wilcox, Don (Don Wilcox)
Wilcox, Eucebia Gilman (Eucebia Gilman Wilcox)
Wilcox, Guy (Guy Wilcox)
Wilcox, Lonny (Lonny Wilcox)
Wilcox, Steve (Steve Wilcox)
Wildes, Mr. & Mrs. (Mr. & Mrs. Wildes)
Williamson, Samuel (Samuel Williamson)
Winslow, Orin (Orin Winslow)
Wood, Harold (Harold Wood)
Wood, Louise (Louise Wood)
Wood, Mrs. (Mrs. Wood)
Wood, Rob (Rob Wood)
Woodman, Ernest (Ernest Woodman)
York, Acil (Acil York)
York, Ike (Ike York)
York, Lewis (Lewis York)
York, Louise (Louise York)
York, Mrs. Ike (Mrs. Ike York)

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Names K - R

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Here are the names (K - R) mentioned in the book.

Kalloch, Mr. (Mr. Kalloch)
Kelley, Jarve (Jarve Kelley)
Kelly, George (George Kelly)
Kelly, Nell (Nell Kelly)
Kennedy, Mr. Laurel (Mr. Laurel Kennedy)
Kenney, Bernard (Bernard Kenney)
Knowland, Charles (Charles Knowland)
Knowland, Dr. George (Dr. George Knowland)
Knowles, Maurice (Maurice Knowles)
Koslosky, Amos (Amos Koslosky)
Lamoreau, Henry (Henry Lamoreau)
Leavitt, Mr. (Mr. Leavitt - the teamster)
Libby, Mr. (Mr. Libby - Hotel owner in Oxbow)
Libby, Mr. (Mr. Libby - Superintendent of Schools)
Loring, Fred (Fred Loring)
Lovely, Delance (Delance Lovely)
Lynch, Clyde (Clyde Lynch)
Magill, Bruce (Bruce Magill)
Magill, Mr. (Mr. Magill - road foreman)
Mansur, Dr. (Dr. Mansur - a dentist)
Mansur, Mrs. (Mrs. Mansur)
Martin, George E. (George E. Martin)
Martin, Whit (Whit Martin)
Maynard, Harry (Harry Maynard)
McAlphine, Albert (Albert McAlphine)
McAlphine, James (James McAlphine)
McConnell, Fred (Fred McConnell)
McCormack, Jim (Jim McCormack)
McGaughy, Mr. (Mr. McGaughy - Superintendent of Schools)
McGuire, Darius (Darius McGuire)
McKay, Charles (Charles McKay)
McKay, Walter (Walter McKay)
McKay, Walter (Walter McKay)
McLellan, Andrew (Andrew McLellan)
McLellan, Anna (Anna McLellan, Grammy McLellan)
McLellan, Edwin (Edwin McLellan)
McLellan, Harold (Harold McLellan)
McLellan, Kitty (Kitty McLellan)
McQuarrie, Mrs. (Mrs. McQuarrie)
Medkiff, Mrs. (Mrs. Medkiff)
Merriman, Mr. (Mr. Merriman)
Michaud, Fred (Fred Michaud)
Michaud, Fred (Fred Michaud)
Moores, George (George Moores)
Moores, Wilmer (Wilmer Moores)
Morgan, Mr. (Mr. Morgan - proprietor of Morgan's Furniture Store)
Morin, Mack (Mack Morin)
Morrison, Archie (Archie Morrison)
Morrison, Charles (Charles Morrison)
Morrison, May Wilcox (May Wilcox Morrison)
Morrison, Ralph (Ralph Morrison)
Morrow, Alfreda (Alfreda Morrow)
Morrow, Peter (Peter Morrow)
Morton, Edward "Deak" (Edward Morton, Deak Morton)
Mosher, Climena (Climena Mosher)
Muskie, Edmund (Edmund Muskie - Governor of Maine)
Mutty, Gertrude (Gertrude Mutty)
Nason, Lizzie (Lizzie Nason)
Nilson, Mr. (Mr. Nilson)
Oakes, Alice (Alice Oakes)
Oakes, Eli (Eli Oakes)
Orcutt, Charles (Charles Orcutt)
Page, Joseph (Joseph Page)
Page, Ray (Ray Page)
Parker, Dr. (Dr. Parker)
Paul, Joe (Joe Paul)
Payne, Frederick G. (Frederick G. Payne - Governor of Maine)
Perry, Nathan (Nathan Perry)
Phair, James (James Phair)
Porter, F. J. (F. J. Porter)
Porter, Flavious (Flavious Porter)
Porter, Roger (Roger Porter)
Porter, William (William Porter)
Powers, George (George Powers)
Prosser, Perry (Perry Prosser)
Pulcifer, Mrs. (Mrs. Pulcifer - a midwife)
Rafford, Ervin (Ervin Rafford)
Rafford, Maria (Maria Rafford)
Rand, Arthur (Arthur Rand)
Rand, Harry (Harry Rand)
Randall, Bert (Bert Randall)
Randall, Burt (Burt Randall)
Rathbun, James (James Rathbun)
Reed, John (John Reed - Govenor of Maine)
Richardson, Edith (Edith Richardson)
Richardson, Everett (Everett Richardson)
Richardson, Gus (Gus Richardson)
Richardson, Peter (Peter Richardson)
Richardson, Rose (Rose Richardson Archer)
Russell, Mr. (Mr. Russell - Superintendent of Schools - Ashland)

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Names D - J

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Here are the names (D - J) mentioned in the book:

Daggett, Charles (Charles Daggett)
DeMerchant, John (John DeMerchant)
Dingwall, Neva (Neva Dingwall)
Dinsmore, Mr. (Mr. Dinsmore)
Doble, Dr. (Dr. Doble)
Dobson, Dr. Lindley (Dr. Lindley Dobson)
Donahue, Dr. (Dr. Donahue)
Dorsey, Mr. (Mr. Dorsey of Fort Fairfield)
Dudley, David (David Dudley)
Dudley, Ervin L. (Ervin L. Dudley)
Dudley, F. M. (F. M. Dudley)
Dudley, Forest (Forest Dudley)
Dudley, M. A. (M. A. Dudley)
Dudley, Mel (Mel Dudley)
Dudley, Mrs. Sandford (Mrs. Sanford Dudley)
Dudley, Robert (Robert Dudley)
Dudley, Sanford (Sanford Dudley)
Eber, Charles (Charles Eber)
Ellis, Alonzo (Alonzo Ellis)
Ellis, Byron (Byron Ellis)
Ellis, Calvin (Calvin Ellis)
Ellis, Dorcas (Dorcas Ellis, Dorcas Ellis Chandler)
Ellis, Eben (Eben Ellis)
Ellis, Edith (Edith Ellis, Edith Ellis Bird)
Ellis, Elaine (Elaine Ellis)
Ellis, Forest (Forest Ellis)
Ellis, Fred (Fred Ellis)
Ellis, Hope (Hope Ellis)
Ellis, Jasper O. (Jasper O. Ellis)
Ellis, Jim (Jim Ellis)
Ellis, Joe (Joe Ellis)
Ellis, Josephine Welts (Jospehine Welts Ellis)
Ellis, Leona (Leona Ellis)
Ellis, Lucy E. Wilcox (Lucy E. Wilcox Ellis)
Ellis, Luther (Luther Ellis)
Ellis, Malcolm (Malcolm Ellis)
Ellis, Mildred Chandler (Mildred Chandler Ellis)
Ellis, Myrtle (Myrtle Ellis)
Ellis, Opal (Opal Ellis)
Ellis, Phineas Franklin (Phin Ellis, Phineas Ellis, Phineas F. Ellis)
Ellis, Sarah (Sarah Ellis)
Ellis, Wilson (Wilson Ellis)
Emack, Grace (Grace Emack)
Fisher, Dr. Dean H. (Dr. Dean H. Fisher)
Fisher, Nelson (Nelson Fisher)
Flannigan, Charles (Charles Flannigan)
Flannigan, Ed (Ed Flannigan)
Flannigan, Maude (Maude Flannigan Chandler)
Flewelling, Alonzo (Alonzo Flewelling)
Flint, Bert (Bert Flint)
Folsom, Dwight (Dwight Folsom)
Forbes, H. R. (H. R. Forbes)
Foss, Halsted (Halsted Foss)
Foss, Herbert (Herbert Foss)
Foster, Daniel (Daniel Foster)
Gardiner, William Tudor (William Tudor Gardiner - Govenor of Maine)
Gardner, Alice (Alice Gardner)
Gardner, Bettina (Bettina Gardner)
Gardner, Herbert (Herbert Gardner)
Gardner, Nancy (Mrs. Nancy Gardner)
Garland, Eben (Eben Garland)
Gates, Fred (Fred Gates)
Geary, Ray (Ray Geary)
Giberson, Dr. (Dr. Giberson)
Gilbert, Dr. Percy (Dr. Percy Gilbert)
Gilman, Horton (Horton Gilman)
Glidden, B. B. (B. B. Glidden)
Goslin, Simeon (Simeon Goslin)
Gould, Arthur R. (Arthur R. Gould)
Green, Mrs. (Mrs. Green - Secretary of Hospital Board of Trustees)
Greenwood, Mr. (Mr. Greenwood - Ashland Post Master)
Griffin, Albert (Albert Griffin)
Griffin, Lewis (Lewis Griffin)
Hagerthy, Belle Trafton (Belle Trafton Hagerthy)
Hagerthy, Bert (Bert Hagerthy)
Hagerthy, Dana (Dana Hagerthy)
Hagerthy, Dr. Albert (Dr. Albert Hagerthy)
Hallet, Whit (Whit Hallet)
Hamilton, Mr. (Mr. Hamilton - a lawyer)
Hansen, Abbie (Abbie Hansen)
Hayden, Annie (Annie Hayden)
Hayden, Cyrus (Cyrus Hayden)
Hayden, Granville (Granville Hayden)
Hayden, Mrs. (Mrs. Hayden)
Helfrich, Dr. (Dr. Helfrich)
Hews, Ray (Ray Hews)
Higgins, Mr. (Mr. Higgins)
Hill, George E. (George E. Hill - Speaker of the House - Maine)
Hoffses, J. T. (J. T. Hoffses)
Hoffses, John (John Hoffses)
Hopper, William (William Hopper, Bill Hopper)
Hoppin, Mrs. (Mrs. Hoppin - Clinic Supervisor)
Howard, Elmer (Elmer Howard)
Howard, Mrs. Jesse (Mrs. Jesse Howard)
Hoyt, Dave (Dave Hoyt)
Hubbard, William (William Hubbard)
Huges, Constable (Constable Hughes)
Hughes, Harry (Harry Hughes)
Ireland, Effie Roberts (Effie Roberts Ireland)
Ireland, Elbert (Elbert Ireland)
Irvine, Hollis (Hollis Irvine)
Iverson, Oscar (Oscar Iverson)
Jackson, Kenneth (Kenneth Jackson)
Joe, Nora Brown (Nora Brown Joe)
Joe, Philip (Philip Joe)
Johnson, Clyde (Clyde Johnson)
Johnson, Fred (Fred Johnson)
Jones, Rev. David (Rev. David Jones)
Jose, Bion (Bion Jose)
Judkins, Andrew (Andrew Judkins)
Judkins, Ernest (Ernest Judkins)
Judkins, Mary (Mary Judkins)
Judkins, Mrs. Ernest (Mrs. Ernest Judkins)
Junkins, Ed (Ed Junkins)

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Names A - C

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Here are the names (A - C) mentioned in the book:

?, Hannah (Hannah ? - worked for the Hagerthy's)
?, Lottie (Lottie ? - hired girl for the Hagerthy's)
Adams, Jim (Jim Adams)
Akeley, Mrs. (Mrs. Akeley - Hospital Dietitian)
Akeley, Mrs. (Mrs. Akeley - married John Swanback)
Akeley, Will (Will Akeley)
Allen, Helen (Helen Allen)
Alley, Braighton (Braighton Alley)
Alley, Brighton (Brighton Alley)
Alley, Crystal (Crystal Alley)
Alley, Eva (Eva Alley)
Alley, George (George Alley)
Alley, Georgia "Nellie" (Georgia Alley, Nellie Alley)
Alley, Inza (Inza Alley)
Anderson, Beatrice (Beatrice Anderson)
Anderson, Charles (Charles Anderson)
Anderson, George (George Anderson)
Andrews, Mrs. (Mrs. Andrews)
Archer, Henry (Henry Archer)
Archer, Herman (Herman Archer)
Archer, Laura (Laura Archer)
Archer, Rose Richardson (Rose Richardson Archer)
Archibald, Bernard (Bernard Archibald)
Armstrong, Augusta (Augusta Armstrong - a corsetiere)
Ashby, George F. (George F. Ashby)
Ayer, Paul (Paul Ayer)
Barker, Fred (Fred Barker)
Barrows, Lewis O. (Lewis O. Barrows - Governor of Maine)
Bateman, Professor L. C. (Professor L. C. Bateman)
Beaulieu, Mrs. Simon (Mrs. Simon Beaulieu)
Beaulieu, Simon (Simon Beaulieu)
Beck, Andrew J. "Jack" (Andrew J. Beck, Jack Beck)
Belyea, John (John Belyea)
Bernard, Josephine (Josephine Bernard)
Bernard, Mitchell (Mitchell Bernard)
Bernard, Mrs. (Mrs. Bernard)
Berry, John (John Berry)
Bird, Edith Ellis (Edith Ellis Bird)
Bird, Minot (Minot Bird)
Bird, Will (Will Bird)
Bishop, Raymond (Raymond Bishop)
Bishop, Tom (Tom Bishop)
Bolstridge, Walter (Walter Bolstridge)
Boone, Dr. Storer (Dr. Storer Boone)
Boyce, Charles
Bragdon, Hadley (Hadley Bragdon)
Brann, Louis J. (Louis J. Brann - Governor of Maine)
Brennan, Walter
Breslette, James (James Breslette)
Brewer, Herman (Herman Brewer)
Bridgham, Hadley (Hadley, Bridgham)
Bridgham, Willis (Willis Bridgham)
Briggs, Mrs. (Mrs. Briggs - Frank Tarr's aunt)
Brooks, Charles (Charles Brooks)
Brown, Annis (Annis Brown)
Brown, Harrison (Harrison Brown)
Brown, Lester (Lester Brown)
Brown, Margaret (Margaret Brown)
Brown, Mrs. (Mrs. Brown - Supervisor of Nurses)
Brown, Nancy Marie (Nancy Marie Brown)
Burby, Gus (Gus Burby)
Burns, J. Frederick (J. Frederick Burns)
Burtt, Dr. (Dr. Burtt - a veterinarian)
Bushy, Raymond (Raymond Bushy)
Carney, Joseph (Jospeh Carney)
Carney, Jr., Peter (Peter Carney, Jr.)
Carney, Peter (Peter Carney)
Carney, Tom (Tom Carney)
Carter, Dr. (Dr. Carter)
Chandler, Charles (Charles Chandler, C.G.R. Chandler)
Chandler, Dorothy (Dorothy Chandler)
Chandler, Frank (Frank Chandler)
Chandler, Lawrence (Lawrence Chandler)
Chandler, Maude Flannigan (Maude Flannigan Chandler)
Chandler, Mildred (Mildred Chandler Ellis)
Chapman, Dr. (Dr. Chapman)
Charette, Dick (Dick Charette)
Clark, Mr. (Mr. Clark - Mrs. Bernard's father)
Clark, Mrs. William (Mrs. William Clark)
Clark, William (William Clark)
Cloukey, Johnny (Johnny Cloukey)
Coffin, Bill (Bill Coffin, "Uncle" Bill Coffin)
Coffin, Fred (Fred Coffin)
Coffin, Lawrence (Lawrence Coffin)
Colbun, Mrs. William (Mrs. William Colbun)
Colbun, Will (Will Colbun, William Colbun)
Cole, Vaughn (Vaughn Cole)
Collins, Herschel Douglas (Herschel Douglas Collins)
Collins, Samual W. (Samual W. Collins - 1811 - 1899)
Collins, Wilson (Wilson Collins, Samual Wilson Collins)
Cook, Chester (Chester Cook)
Cook, Eleanor (Eleanor Cook)
Cook, George R. (George R. Cook)
Cook, Granville (Granville Cook)
Craig, Benton (Benton Craig)
Craig, Mrs. Penn (Mrs. Penn Craig)
Craig, Penn (Penn Craig)
Crocket, Mr. (Mr. Crocket)
Cronin, Miss (Miss Cronin - English teacher)
Crory, Isaac (Isaac Crory)
Crory, Mrs. Isaac (Mrs. Isaac Crory)
Cross, Constance (Constance Cross)
Crouse, Wilmont (Wilmont Crouse)
Cullen, Dummy (Dummy Cullen, Dummy Twist)
Cullen, Jim (Jim Cullen)

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Businesses and Such

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Here is a list of businesses, schools, etc. mentioned in the book:

57th Ammunition Train
A. M. Smith's Hardware Store
Aroostook Central Institute
Ashland Grange Store
Ashland House (a hotel)
Ashland Mill Co.
Ashland Opera House
Ashland Trust Company
Bangor & Aroostook Railroad
Bean's Garage
Bloody Half Acre
Bridge Construction Company
Bridgham's Store (grocery)
Burnham Holm's Farm
Camp Devens, Massachusetts
Camp Eustis, Virginia
Caribou Woolen Mill
Cyr's Slaughter House
Dudley School
Dudley's Store
Federal Land Bank
Fort Myer, Arlington, Virginia
Fort Slocum, New York
Girls' School at Hallowell
H.D. Collins Lumber Company
Haystack School
Hill School
Indian Head Plywood Corp.
International Harvester Machine Company
Jones' Brothers Farm
Jones' Fish Market (Bangor)
L. S. Bean Co.
Little Red Schoolhouse
Mapleton Community School
Mapleton Local of the Aroostook Federation of Farmers
McLellan School
Men's Reformatory at South Windham
Moran School
Morgan's Furniture Store
Normal School - Presque Isle
Porter School
Pyle School
Richardson School
S.W. Collins Lumber Company
Shea Realty Co.
Shean Accounting Service
Sheridan Mill
South School (at Squa Pan)
State Sanatorium in Presque Isle
Taylor Livery Stable
The Exchange Hotel
The State Farm
Thornton School
Tilley School
Trafton School
Union House
Walker School
Washburn Bank
Washburn Trust Company
Welding Supply
Women's Reformatory at Skowhegan

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Now Available!

We are pleased to announce that Call Me Phin is now available for purchase. To get your copy, CLICK HERE.

This book is an autobiographical account of the life and times of Phineas F. Ellis of Castle Hill, Aroostook County, Maine. Mr. Ellis was first and foremost a true public servant. From the bold stand that he took that resulted in a new mail line out of Ashland, Maine, to the financial sacrifices he made to serve in the Maine State Legislature, to the many acts of service and kindness he rendered during the years he served as the Town Manager of Mapleton and Castle Hill, Phin gave a great deal to all around him.

As we join Phin on his journey, we are able to watch over his shoulder and catch a glimpse into the lives and observe the culture of the people in rural Aroostook County during the early to mid 20th century. We learn of the infamous lynching of Jim Cullen, hear the story of a U.S. Senator’s grandfather nearly losing his life at a remote lumber camp, and are told of premonitions received as he relates stories of being inspired to help others. We also learn how the Arthur R. Gould Memorial Hospital in Presque Isle, Maine was established and observe the functions of the new hospital through Phin’s role as its first administrator.

Phineas Franklin Ellis was a pioneer who understood the value of hard work. He was full of humility and determined to help those around him by taking an active role in bringing positive changes to their lives.

This book will inspire and delight. It will remind you of where you came from and will help you see what is most important in life.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Obituary of Phineas F. Ellis

Phineas Franklin Ellis, 79, died at a Mars Hill hospital May 6, 1976 following a long illness. He was born in Castle Hill, August 15, 1896, the son of Jasper O. and Lucy E. Wilcox Ellis. He graduated from Ashland High School as valedictorian in 1915, attended Presque Isle Normal School, now known as University of Maine at Presque Isle, taught school in Ashland (Frenchville area) in 1915 and 1916.

On January 1, 1917 he became the first mail carrier on the RFD 2 mail line out of Ashland that he helped establish by petitioning the government. He served in the medical corps in World War I. Upon returning from the Army, he became manager of the Mapleton Local of the Aroostook Federation of Farmers. He married Mildred Chandler on August 22, 1923, moved to Caribou and was employed by the Maine Potato Growers Exchange known as the “Co-Op.” He returned to Castle Hill, built a home and went into farming and lumbering.

His political career began in April of 1919 when elected third selectman to the Town of Castle Hill. He was elected first selectman and chairman of the board in 1920 – 21. From 1927 to 1935 he was town auditor for Castle Hill, serving again as selectman in 1939 and again 1940. In 1941 the town adopted the town manager system and he became the first town manager for Castle Hill from 1941 to 1956 and Castle Hill and Mapleton from 1947 to 1956. He was representative to the 87th Legislature in 1935, the 88th in 1937, and the 93rd in 1947, serving Ashland, Castle Hill, Masardis, Portage, Garfield, Nashville, and Ox Bow. He clerked on the Taxation Committee for the 89th Legislature in 1939 and for the 90th in 1941.

He was a member of the Castle Hill School Board for 28 consecutive years and was president of the Presque Isle General Hospital Board in April of 1956 when he accepted the position as administrator of the hospital. He worked toward having a new hospital on a new site. The Arthur R. Gould Memorial Hospital opened for business in February of 1960 with Mr. Ellis as its first administrator. He remained administrator until June 1961 when he was appointed director of public relations for the hospital. He remained in this position about one and one-half years before retiring at age 67. The “retirement” ended when he accepted the job as head of the supply department of the Indian Head Plywood Corp. He remained in this position until August, 1973 when at age 77 he actually retired.

He had been a 4-H leader, member of the Washburn Rotary Club, member of the Grange, and the Farm Bureau Extension. He was a member of the State Road Advent Church. He became very interested in the tales he heard throughout the years regarding the Cullen lynching. In 1952 he researched and compiled a complete account of the double slaying of Hayden and Hubbard which led to the vigilante hanging of Jim Cullen. He had been asked throughout the years to lecture at Rotarys, Granges, and schools on Maine’s only lynching.

He had been active in his retirement, gardening, lecturing, attending meetings for the senior citizens and writing his book “Call Me Phin.” In his own words, “I have worked quietly down through the years suggesting something for the better whenever I had the chance and just hope to someday leave a few footprints on the sands of time.”

He is survived by his wife, Mildred Chandler Ellis, Mapleton; one son, Malcolm, Ashland; two daughters, Mrs. Myron Myrtle Goodwin, Kennebunk, Mrs. Eugene Elaine Hotham, Presque Isle; four brothers, Luther, Alonzo, and Wilson, all of Castle Hill, Forest, Ashland; three sisters, Mrs. Dorcas Chandler, Kittery, Mrs. Opal Ellis, Ashland, Mrs. Murray Sarah Murphy, Presque Isle; 10 grandchildren; two great-grandchildren.

Friends may call at Graves Funeral Home, Presque Isle, Friday from 7 – 9 p.m. Funeral services will be held at the funeral home Saturday at 1 p.m. with Rev. David Ross, pastor of the State Road Advent Christian Church, officiating. Burial will be in the Ellis Cemetery, Ashland. Those who wish may contribute to the State Road Advent Christian Church, in his memory, or to the Memorial Fund of the Arthur R. Gould Memorial Hospital.

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Coming Soon

In 1977, Phineas F. Ellis’ autobiography, Call Me Phin, was published posthumously by his family. Phin was a remarkable man, a pioneer, who touched the lives of many people through his work and associations.

This book is part of his legacy and because we do not want his story to fade away, we are republishing it.

Call Me Phin will be made available for purchase through this site in the near future.