Friday, August 6, 2010

Names D - J

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Here are the names (D - J) mentioned in the book:

Daggett, Charles (Charles Daggett)
DeMerchant, John (John DeMerchant)
Dingwall, Neva (Neva Dingwall)
Dinsmore, Mr. (Mr. Dinsmore)
Doble, Dr. (Dr. Doble)
Dobson, Dr. Lindley (Dr. Lindley Dobson)
Donahue, Dr. (Dr. Donahue)
Dorsey, Mr. (Mr. Dorsey of Fort Fairfield)
Dudley, David (David Dudley)
Dudley, Ervin L. (Ervin L. Dudley)
Dudley, F. M. (F. M. Dudley)
Dudley, Forest (Forest Dudley)
Dudley, M. A. (M. A. Dudley)
Dudley, Mel (Mel Dudley)
Dudley, Mrs. Sandford (Mrs. Sanford Dudley)
Dudley, Robert (Robert Dudley)
Dudley, Sanford (Sanford Dudley)
Eber, Charles (Charles Eber)
Ellis, Alonzo (Alonzo Ellis)
Ellis, Byron (Byron Ellis)
Ellis, Calvin (Calvin Ellis)
Ellis, Dorcas (Dorcas Ellis, Dorcas Ellis Chandler)
Ellis, Eben (Eben Ellis)
Ellis, Edith (Edith Ellis, Edith Ellis Bird)
Ellis, Elaine (Elaine Ellis)
Ellis, Forest (Forest Ellis)
Ellis, Fred (Fred Ellis)
Ellis, Hope (Hope Ellis)
Ellis, Jasper O. (Jasper O. Ellis)
Ellis, Jim (Jim Ellis)
Ellis, Joe (Joe Ellis)
Ellis, Josephine Welts (Jospehine Welts Ellis)
Ellis, Leona (Leona Ellis)
Ellis, Lucy E. Wilcox (Lucy E. Wilcox Ellis)
Ellis, Luther (Luther Ellis)
Ellis, Malcolm (Malcolm Ellis)
Ellis, Mildred Chandler (Mildred Chandler Ellis)
Ellis, Myrtle (Myrtle Ellis)
Ellis, Opal (Opal Ellis)
Ellis, Phineas Franklin (Phin Ellis, Phineas Ellis, Phineas F. Ellis)
Ellis, Sarah (Sarah Ellis)
Ellis, Wilson (Wilson Ellis)
Emack, Grace (Grace Emack)
Fisher, Dr. Dean H. (Dr. Dean H. Fisher)
Fisher, Nelson (Nelson Fisher)
Flannigan, Charles (Charles Flannigan)
Flannigan, Ed (Ed Flannigan)
Flannigan, Maude (Maude Flannigan Chandler)
Flewelling, Alonzo (Alonzo Flewelling)
Flint, Bert (Bert Flint)
Folsom, Dwight (Dwight Folsom)
Forbes, H. R. (H. R. Forbes)
Foss, Halsted (Halsted Foss)
Foss, Herbert (Herbert Foss)
Foster, Daniel (Daniel Foster)
Gardiner, William Tudor (William Tudor Gardiner - Govenor of Maine)
Gardner, Alice (Alice Gardner)
Gardner, Bettina (Bettina Gardner)
Gardner, Herbert (Herbert Gardner)
Gardner, Nancy (Mrs. Nancy Gardner)
Garland, Eben (Eben Garland)
Gates, Fred (Fred Gates)
Geary, Ray (Ray Geary)
Giberson, Dr. (Dr. Giberson)
Gilbert, Dr. Percy (Dr. Percy Gilbert)
Gilman, Horton (Horton Gilman)
Glidden, B. B. (B. B. Glidden)
Goslin, Simeon (Simeon Goslin)
Gould, Arthur R. (Arthur R. Gould)
Green, Mrs. (Mrs. Green - Secretary of Hospital Board of Trustees)
Greenwood, Mr. (Mr. Greenwood - Ashland Post Master)
Griffin, Albert (Albert Griffin)
Griffin, Lewis (Lewis Griffin)
Hagerthy, Belle Trafton (Belle Trafton Hagerthy)
Hagerthy, Bert (Bert Hagerthy)
Hagerthy, Dana (Dana Hagerthy)
Hagerthy, Dr. Albert (Dr. Albert Hagerthy)
Hallet, Whit (Whit Hallet)
Hamilton, Mr. (Mr. Hamilton - a lawyer)
Hansen, Abbie (Abbie Hansen)
Hayden, Annie (Annie Hayden)
Hayden, Cyrus (Cyrus Hayden)
Hayden, Granville (Granville Hayden)
Hayden, Mrs. (Mrs. Hayden)
Helfrich, Dr. (Dr. Helfrich)
Hews, Ray (Ray Hews)
Higgins, Mr. (Mr. Higgins)
Hill, George E. (George E. Hill - Speaker of the House - Maine)
Hoffses, J. T. (J. T. Hoffses)
Hoffses, John (John Hoffses)
Hopper, William (William Hopper, Bill Hopper)
Hoppin, Mrs. (Mrs. Hoppin - Clinic Supervisor)
Howard, Elmer (Elmer Howard)
Howard, Mrs. Jesse (Mrs. Jesse Howard)
Hoyt, Dave (Dave Hoyt)
Hubbard, William (William Hubbard)
Huges, Constable (Constable Hughes)
Hughes, Harry (Harry Hughes)
Ireland, Effie Roberts (Effie Roberts Ireland)
Ireland, Elbert (Elbert Ireland)
Irvine, Hollis (Hollis Irvine)
Iverson, Oscar (Oscar Iverson)
Jackson, Kenneth (Kenneth Jackson)
Joe, Nora Brown (Nora Brown Joe)
Joe, Philip (Philip Joe)
Johnson, Clyde (Clyde Johnson)
Johnson, Fred (Fred Johnson)
Jones, Rev. David (Rev. David Jones)
Jose, Bion (Bion Jose)
Judkins, Andrew (Andrew Judkins)
Judkins, Ernest (Ernest Judkins)
Judkins, Mary (Mary Judkins)
Judkins, Mrs. Ernest (Mrs. Ernest Judkins)
Junkins, Ed (Ed Junkins)

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