Friday, August 6, 2010

Names K - R

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Here are the names (K - R) mentioned in the book.

Kalloch, Mr. (Mr. Kalloch)
Kelley, Jarve (Jarve Kelley)
Kelly, George (George Kelly)
Kelly, Nell (Nell Kelly)
Kennedy, Mr. Laurel (Mr. Laurel Kennedy)
Kenney, Bernard (Bernard Kenney)
Knowland, Charles (Charles Knowland)
Knowland, Dr. George (Dr. George Knowland)
Knowles, Maurice (Maurice Knowles)
Koslosky, Amos (Amos Koslosky)
Lamoreau, Henry (Henry Lamoreau)
Leavitt, Mr. (Mr. Leavitt - the teamster)
Libby, Mr. (Mr. Libby - Hotel owner in Oxbow)
Libby, Mr. (Mr. Libby - Superintendent of Schools)
Loring, Fred (Fred Loring)
Lovely, Delance (Delance Lovely)
Lynch, Clyde (Clyde Lynch)
Magill, Bruce (Bruce Magill)
Magill, Mr. (Mr. Magill - road foreman)
Mansur, Dr. (Dr. Mansur - a dentist)
Mansur, Mrs. (Mrs. Mansur)
Martin, George E. (George E. Martin)
Martin, Whit (Whit Martin)
Maynard, Harry (Harry Maynard)
McAlphine, Albert (Albert McAlphine)
McAlphine, James (James McAlphine)
McConnell, Fred (Fred McConnell)
McCormack, Jim (Jim McCormack)
McGaughy, Mr. (Mr. McGaughy - Superintendent of Schools)
McGuire, Darius (Darius McGuire)
McKay, Charles (Charles McKay)
McKay, Walter (Walter McKay)
McKay, Walter (Walter McKay)
McLellan, Andrew (Andrew McLellan)
McLellan, Anna (Anna McLellan, Grammy McLellan)
McLellan, Edwin (Edwin McLellan)
McLellan, Harold (Harold McLellan)
McLellan, Kitty (Kitty McLellan)
McQuarrie, Mrs. (Mrs. McQuarrie)
Medkiff, Mrs. (Mrs. Medkiff)
Merriman, Mr. (Mr. Merriman)
Michaud, Fred (Fred Michaud)
Michaud, Fred (Fred Michaud)
Moores, George (George Moores)
Moores, Wilmer (Wilmer Moores)
Morgan, Mr. (Mr. Morgan - proprietor of Morgan's Furniture Store)
Morin, Mack (Mack Morin)
Morrison, Archie (Archie Morrison)
Morrison, Charles (Charles Morrison)
Morrison, May Wilcox (May Wilcox Morrison)
Morrison, Ralph (Ralph Morrison)
Morrow, Alfreda (Alfreda Morrow)
Morrow, Peter (Peter Morrow)
Morton, Edward "Deak" (Edward Morton, Deak Morton)
Mosher, Climena (Climena Mosher)
Muskie, Edmund (Edmund Muskie - Governor of Maine)
Mutty, Gertrude (Gertrude Mutty)
Nason, Lizzie (Lizzie Nason)
Nilson, Mr. (Mr. Nilson)
Oakes, Alice (Alice Oakes)
Oakes, Eli (Eli Oakes)
Orcutt, Charles (Charles Orcutt)
Page, Joseph (Joseph Page)
Page, Ray (Ray Page)
Parker, Dr. (Dr. Parker)
Paul, Joe (Joe Paul)
Payne, Frederick G. (Frederick G. Payne - Governor of Maine)
Perry, Nathan (Nathan Perry)
Phair, James (James Phair)
Porter, F. J. (F. J. Porter)
Porter, Flavious (Flavious Porter)
Porter, Roger (Roger Porter)
Porter, William (William Porter)
Powers, George (George Powers)
Prosser, Perry (Perry Prosser)
Pulcifer, Mrs. (Mrs. Pulcifer - a midwife)
Rafford, Ervin (Ervin Rafford)
Rafford, Maria (Maria Rafford)
Rand, Arthur (Arthur Rand)
Rand, Harry (Harry Rand)
Randall, Bert (Bert Randall)
Randall, Burt (Burt Randall)
Rathbun, James (James Rathbun)
Reed, John (John Reed - Govenor of Maine)
Richardson, Edith (Edith Richardson)
Richardson, Everett (Everett Richardson)
Richardson, Gus (Gus Richardson)
Richardson, Peter (Peter Richardson)
Richardson, Rose (Rose Richardson Archer)
Russell, Mr. (Mr. Russell - Superintendent of Schools - Ashland)

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