Friday, August 6, 2010

Businesses and Such

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Here is a list of businesses, schools, etc. mentioned in the book:

57th Ammunition Train
A. M. Smith's Hardware Store
Aroostook Central Institute
Ashland Grange Store
Ashland House (a hotel)
Ashland Mill Co.
Ashland Opera House
Ashland Trust Company
Bangor & Aroostook Railroad
Bean's Garage
Bloody Half Acre
Bridge Construction Company
Bridgham's Store (grocery)
Burnham Holm's Farm
Camp Devens, Massachusetts
Camp Eustis, Virginia
Caribou Woolen Mill
Cyr's Slaughter House
Dudley School
Dudley's Store
Federal Land Bank
Fort Myer, Arlington, Virginia
Fort Slocum, New York
Girls' School at Hallowell
H.D. Collins Lumber Company
Haystack School
Hill School
Indian Head Plywood Corp.
International Harvester Machine Company
Jones' Brothers Farm
Jones' Fish Market (Bangor)
L. S. Bean Co.
Little Red Schoolhouse
Mapleton Community School
Mapleton Local of the Aroostook Federation of Farmers
McLellan School
Men's Reformatory at South Windham
Moran School
Morgan's Furniture Store
Normal School - Presque Isle
Porter School
Pyle School
Richardson School
S.W. Collins Lumber Company
Shea Realty Co.
Shean Accounting Service
Sheridan Mill
South School (at Squa Pan)
State Sanatorium in Presque Isle
Taylor Livery Stable
The Exchange Hotel
The State Farm
Thornton School
Tilley School
Trafton School
Union House
Walker School
Washburn Bank
Washburn Trust Company
Welding Supply
Women's Reformatory at Skowhegan

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