Friday, August 6, 2010

Names A - C

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Here are the names (A - C) mentioned in the book:

?, Hannah (Hannah ? - worked for the Hagerthy's)
?, Lottie (Lottie ? - hired girl for the Hagerthy's)
Adams, Jim (Jim Adams)
Akeley, Mrs. (Mrs. Akeley - Hospital Dietitian)
Akeley, Mrs. (Mrs. Akeley - married John Swanback)
Akeley, Will (Will Akeley)
Allen, Helen (Helen Allen)
Alley, Braighton (Braighton Alley)
Alley, Brighton (Brighton Alley)
Alley, Crystal (Crystal Alley)
Alley, Eva (Eva Alley)
Alley, George (George Alley)
Alley, Georgia "Nellie" (Georgia Alley, Nellie Alley)
Alley, Inza (Inza Alley)
Anderson, Beatrice (Beatrice Anderson)
Anderson, Charles (Charles Anderson)
Anderson, George (George Anderson)
Andrews, Mrs. (Mrs. Andrews)
Archer, Henry (Henry Archer)
Archer, Herman (Herman Archer)
Archer, Laura (Laura Archer)
Archer, Rose Richardson (Rose Richardson Archer)
Archibald, Bernard (Bernard Archibald)
Armstrong, Augusta (Augusta Armstrong - a corsetiere)
Ashby, George F. (George F. Ashby)
Ayer, Paul (Paul Ayer)
Barker, Fred (Fred Barker)
Barrows, Lewis O. (Lewis O. Barrows - Governor of Maine)
Bateman, Professor L. C. (Professor L. C. Bateman)
Beaulieu, Mrs. Simon (Mrs. Simon Beaulieu)
Beaulieu, Simon (Simon Beaulieu)
Beck, Andrew J. "Jack" (Andrew J. Beck, Jack Beck)
Belyea, John (John Belyea)
Bernard, Josephine (Josephine Bernard)
Bernard, Mitchell (Mitchell Bernard)
Bernard, Mrs. (Mrs. Bernard)
Berry, John (John Berry)
Bird, Edith Ellis (Edith Ellis Bird)
Bird, Minot (Minot Bird)
Bird, Will (Will Bird)
Bishop, Raymond (Raymond Bishop)
Bishop, Tom (Tom Bishop)
Bolstridge, Walter (Walter Bolstridge)
Boone, Dr. Storer (Dr. Storer Boone)
Boyce, Charles
Bragdon, Hadley (Hadley Bragdon)
Brann, Louis J. (Louis J. Brann - Governor of Maine)
Brennan, Walter
Breslette, James (James Breslette)
Brewer, Herman (Herman Brewer)
Bridgham, Hadley (Hadley, Bridgham)
Bridgham, Willis (Willis Bridgham)
Briggs, Mrs. (Mrs. Briggs - Frank Tarr's aunt)
Brooks, Charles (Charles Brooks)
Brown, Annis (Annis Brown)
Brown, Harrison (Harrison Brown)
Brown, Lester (Lester Brown)
Brown, Margaret (Margaret Brown)
Brown, Mrs. (Mrs. Brown - Supervisor of Nurses)
Brown, Nancy Marie (Nancy Marie Brown)
Burby, Gus (Gus Burby)
Burns, J. Frederick (J. Frederick Burns)
Burtt, Dr. (Dr. Burtt - a veterinarian)
Bushy, Raymond (Raymond Bushy)
Carney, Joseph (Jospeh Carney)
Carney, Jr., Peter (Peter Carney, Jr.)
Carney, Peter (Peter Carney)
Carney, Tom (Tom Carney)
Carter, Dr. (Dr. Carter)
Chandler, Charles (Charles Chandler, C.G.R. Chandler)
Chandler, Dorothy (Dorothy Chandler)
Chandler, Frank (Frank Chandler)
Chandler, Lawrence (Lawrence Chandler)
Chandler, Maude Flannigan (Maude Flannigan Chandler)
Chandler, Mildred (Mildred Chandler Ellis)
Chapman, Dr. (Dr. Chapman)
Charette, Dick (Dick Charette)
Clark, Mr. (Mr. Clark - Mrs. Bernard's father)
Clark, Mrs. William (Mrs. William Clark)
Clark, William (William Clark)
Cloukey, Johnny (Johnny Cloukey)
Coffin, Bill (Bill Coffin, "Uncle" Bill Coffin)
Coffin, Fred (Fred Coffin)
Coffin, Lawrence (Lawrence Coffin)
Colbun, Mrs. William (Mrs. William Colbun)
Colbun, Will (Will Colbun, William Colbun)
Cole, Vaughn (Vaughn Cole)
Collins, Herschel Douglas (Herschel Douglas Collins)
Collins, Samual W. (Samual W. Collins - 1811 - 1899)
Collins, Wilson (Wilson Collins, Samual Wilson Collins)
Cook, Chester (Chester Cook)
Cook, Eleanor (Eleanor Cook)
Cook, George R. (George R. Cook)
Cook, Granville (Granville Cook)
Craig, Benton (Benton Craig)
Craig, Mrs. Penn (Mrs. Penn Craig)
Craig, Penn (Penn Craig)
Crocket, Mr. (Mr. Crocket)
Cronin, Miss (Miss Cronin - English teacher)
Crory, Isaac (Isaac Crory)
Crory, Mrs. Isaac (Mrs. Isaac Crory)
Cross, Constance (Constance Cross)
Crouse, Wilmont (Wilmont Crouse)
Cullen, Dummy (Dummy Cullen, Dummy Twist)
Cullen, Jim (Jim Cullen)

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