Thursday, June 18, 2015

Chapter Titles in Call Me Phin

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  1. The Beginning of My Life's Journey
  2. "Uncle Bill" Coffin Comes to My Rescue
  3. Off to School
  4. Preparing for High School
  5. Getting Through My Freshman Year
  6. Life with Dr. Hagerthy
    1. The Golden Calf
    2. The Woodpile
    3. The End of a Perfect Day
    4. A Trip to Presque Isle
    5. The Boat Ride at Portage Lake
    6. A Very Serious Burn
    7. Mitchell Bernard Accidentally Shot
    8. Helping with a Bad Fracture
    9. Machias Lake
    10. Dr. Hagerthy Makes a Deal
    11. Sarah
    12. A Day That Everything Seemed to Operate in Reverse
    13. Getting Poisoned
    14. More Memories while at Hagerthy's
    15. Doctor Hagerthy's Last Call
  7. Ashland
  8. Teaching at the Hill School
  9. Summer School
  10. The Mail Line
  11. Serving in the Medical Corps of the U.S. Army
  12. Back Home and The Collins Lumber Company
  13. The Mapleton Local
  14. The Vacation
  15. A Decision of Once in a Lifetime
  16. My Experiences with the Maine Potato Growers Exchange
  17. Back to Castle Hill
  18. Family and Farm
  19. My Political Career
  20. Hospital Memories
  21. Moving to the New Hospital
  22. P. S.
  23. Premonitions? Perhaps
    1. A Bright Light in the Darkness
    2. The Case of Estella Wells
    3. The Passing of My Dad, Jasper O. Ellis
    4. A Happy Day for Nora Joe
    5. The Strange Case of Henry Archer
    6. Perhaps a Miracle
    7. Fred Gates
  24. The Lynching of Jim Cullen
  25. Acquiring Information of the Jim Cullen Lynching
  26. Weather Observations & Forecasts

To order your copy of Call Me Phin, CLICK HERE

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