Saturday, June 9, 2012

TAMC Day Proclamation

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Watching the You Tube video of the TAMC Day Proclamation from the Governor being read and seeing Board Member Gene Lynch caused me to reflect on the story told of the day the Presque Isle General Hospital moved from its old location on 2nd Street to the present location and the role Mr. Lynch's grandfather played in the process. As you can imagine, it was a busy day with much to do but because of the service of many in the community it was a successful endeavor. Here is an excerpt from Call Me Phin Chapter 21, "Moving to the New Hospital" telling the story of Clyde Lynch's involvement on that day:

"Mr. Clyde Lynch, owner and manager of Welding Supply, supplied our gas for cooking. The oxygen used in the hospital was also purchased from him. I called him and requested that he stop by at his convenience. He came and we visited the kitchen. I said, “Moving this equipment over to the new hospital could be a sticker. Would it be possible to hire a man or two to help with the moving? Mr. Cole will furnish the trucks.” Mr. Lynch replied, “Let’s go up to your office. We will talk about the project and I’ll give you an estimate of the cost and time required to move.” I hoped I wasn’t “put on the spot.” Mr. Cole had cautioned me not to spend too much. Mr. Lynch asked, “How early in the morning can we start working if we decide to undertake the job?” I answered, “Mrs. Akeley allowed we could begin moving at seven o’clock and if it took a lot of time she’d manage someway.” Mr. Lynch would not give me an estimate of the time required to do the job and, as to the cost, he said, “We’ll talk about that later.” He concluded by saying, “I will bring my own truck and help. Just leave the moving to me.”

On moving day, Mr. Lynch came with his truck and helper and parked in back of the hospital. At exactly seven o’clock, Mrs. Akeley called me at my office and said, “Okay to begin moving the kitchen equipment now.” I raced down and said, “Okay, Mr. Lynch, you can take over now.” They quietly began their work and by nine o’clock, when we were to begin moving the patients, the kitchen equipment and supplies had been moved out. Mrs. Akeley had a few hot plates ready to use in case food was needed for a patient on a special diet.

By eleven o’clock, the kitchen equipment was installed in the new hospital. Mr. Lynch found me and stated, “Tell Mr. Cole there is no charge. This will be our contribution to the good cause for which you are working.” Besides the truck and the labor, Mr. Lynch had donated considerable amounts of new pipe. I hardly knew how to express my appreciation for his kindness."

Thanks to the Lynch Family for their generous contributions to the community and their involvement in the cause of the hospital throughout the years.

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