Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Call Me Phin

Call Me Phin is an account of the life and times of Phineas F. Ellis from Castle Hill, Maine. He retired just five days before his 77th birthday and was immediately encouraged by his family to write a book. This is a wonderful story that chronicles the life of an amazing man.

Mr. Ellis was first and foremost a true public servant. From the bold stand that he took that resulted in a new mail line out of Ashland, Maine, to the financial sacrifices he made to serve in the Maine State Legislature, to the many acts of service and kindness he rendered during the years he served as the Town Manager of Mapleton and Castle Hill, Phin gave a great deal to all around him.

As we join Phin on his journey, we are able to watch over his shoulder and catch a glimpse into the lives and observe the culture of the people in rural Aroostook County during the early to mid 20th century. We learn of the infamous lynching of Jim Cullen, hear the story of a U.S. Senator’s grandfather nearly losing his life at a remote lumber camp, and are told of premonitions received as he relates stories of being inspired to help others. We also learn how the Arthur R. Gould Memorial Hospital in Presque Isle, Maine was established and observe the functions of the new hospital through Phin’s role as its first administrator.

Even though this book was originally published in 1977, it remains an intriguing account of the life of a fascinating man, a work that will hold great value to all who take an interest in the past. Phin's story was not professionally edited nor published, but its simple folksy style will immerse you into his unsophisticated yet admirable life.

Phineas Franklin Ellis was a pioneer who understood the value of hard work. He was full of humility and determined to help those around him by taking an active role in bringing positive changes to their lives.

This book will inspire and delight. It will remind you of where you came from and will help you see what is most important in life. As I have read and reflected on this story, through my involvement in preparing it to be republished, it has certainly changed me for the better.

Thank you Grampy Ellis for the legacy that you left us. You truly are one of the noble and great ones who did what ever you could do to help and serve others. You are a great example who truly made a difference and left the world a better place.

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